The Art shack runs art demonstration classes every Monday evening from 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm (£6 per class). This class focuses on traditional painting in acrylics. Watch Ronnie transform a blank canvas in around 60 minutes, discussing  techniques for different effects, breaking some of the rules in the process. This is a small, informal and friendly group (6-8 max per class) and you are very welcome to bring in your own work and discuss it with Ronnie if you want to. A second art demonstration class in drawing and cartoons is in the pipeline.  Let Ronnie know if you are interested in trying either of these classes, or in seeing more contemporary/abstract approaches.

Art Demo Group members will be able to exhibit and sell their artworks through the ever changing exhibition at the Shack. Ronnie’s demos can also be bought through the Shack, with all proceeds going towards the running of it.


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